Our Hot Sauce is Made Fresh in Idyllwild, California

Our Story

Roberto’s Jalapeño & Olive Oil Hot Sauce was created in the early 1990’s by Roberto Garcia’s family in Guadalajara, Mexico. Roberto and his aunt and uncle relocated to Idyllwild, California in 1995 and Roberto began serving the sauce at his local restaurant, The Squirrel’s Nest.

Robert Garcia and Shawna BeamerThe sauce quickly became popular. Locals and visitors alike started asking for it all the time - travelers as far as Los Angeles would make the trip to Idyllwild just to enjoy the sauce! If the restaurant ran out, they would simply go home! After the sauce became a local favorite, Roberto started making and serving the sauce at his family’s restaurant, La Casita Mexican Restaurant which he later joined and operated.

After years of customer requests to have the sauce available outside the restaurant, Roberto hired Shawna Beamer, a friend and local graphic designer to create the logo, label and marketing collateral for the sauce. After successful feedback, they formed Robertos Foods LLC, a partnership to make the dream a reality.